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Lord of the Strings. A musical extravaganza in Kingston

Kingstonians will be looking for their Hobbit cloaks and wizard hats Sunday May 5 as Orchestra Kingston performs the award-winning Lord of the Rings Trilogy by renowned Canadian composer Howard Shore.

Almost 100 musicians, live, on-stage, perform the “massively entertaining” (Doug Adams) Lord of The Rings Trilogy plus music by Wagner, Rimsky-Korsakov, Shostakovitchand more during Orchestra Kingston’s thrilling 15th season finale concert featuring the full orchestra plus Canta Arya Strings and the Canta Aria School for Strings, Sunday May 5th, 2:30pm at The Spire Performance Hall, 82 Sydenham Street K7L 3H4.

Lord of The Rings Trilogy

Composer Howard Shore brings J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary genius to vivid life with his Academy® and GRAMMY® Award–winning score to the universally popular Lord of the Rings movie Trilogy by Peter Jackson including Fellowship-of-The-Ring, The-Two-Towers, and The-Return-of-the-King. By the way, Howard Shore is Canadian, a former member of the band Lighthouse.

Howard Shore’s epic score for Pete Jackson’s acclaimed Lord of the Rings film trilogy is a sweeping musical visualization of J.R.R. Tolkien’s three books. Its sweeping vistas and grand journeys evoke each of Tolkien’s magical characters and worlds: Celtic tones for the simple Hobbits; ethereal Eastern colors for the mystical Elves; columns of parallel harmonies for the abrasive Dwarves; muscular percussion for the industrialized hordes of Orcs; and, stern yet searching brass figures for the flawed heirs of Middle-earth – humanity, itself.

In operatic fashion, all these musical worlds and their themes commingle, sometimes combining forces, other times violently clashing…and always bending to the will of the One Ring and its own ominous family of themes.

Orchestra Kingston musicians and maestro John Palmer love rehearsing and performing this majestic piece. The music swoops, dives and expands. Maestro Palmer says the character of the music he loves most is also what makes it most challenging. “There’s so many frequent tempo changes as it moves from slow and majestic to fast”, he says. This is music that won’t put you to sleep, and will only enthral.

Winner of 11 Academy® and GRAMMY® Awards, this is a musical production for the whole family, and a wonderful way to introduce children to big, exciting symphonic music featuring the fight to save Gondor and the World of Men, and the triumph of  Sam and Frodo when they destroy the One Ring. Joining us for this concert are the students of Kingston’s Canata Aria Strings.

Canta Aria Strings

Celebrating 22 years in Kingston and eastern Ontario the Canta Aria Strings and  Canta Aria School for Strings are part of our community’s leading center for Suzuki string education.

Founded in 2002 by Denise Williams and Karen-Michele Kimmett and based on the Suzuki method teaching principles, the bilingual school has over fifty violin students from four to sixteen years of age including their award-winning senior ensemble the Canta Aria Strings.

Led by teachers Venetia Gauthier, and Julia McFarlane, young musicians acquire confidence, self-esteem and the ability to engage with challenges. Through the Suzuki group classes, concerts, and music camps, they develop musical friendships which provide an ongoing source of motivation and inspiration.

Students call the experience “inspiring!” (Ellie), “profound” (Erik), “one of the few things I do absolutely for myself” (Dianne); and a challenge that has taught them “sensitivity, perseverance, and above all the power and importance of community”(Jane)

Tickets are available at Novel Idea, Arden Music, and on-line here.

Children under 16 attend for free, seniors/students $20, and adults $25.

Orchestra Kingston gratefully acknowledges the financial support of our sponsors and donors The Leywood Family Trust for their support of the director’s chair and the support we have received from the Kingston Arts Council, the City of Kingston and Ontario Gaming. A heartfelt thank you to all our other donors who have supported us through their generous donations.