Member Policies

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Orchestra Kingston is to give people from the community the delight of playing and performing together orchestral music, specifically including Canadian repertoire.

In executing this mission, Orchestra Kingston is committed to:

  • working together with honesty, integrity and a spirit of co-operation
  • holding several quality concerts throughout the year with audience appeal in mind
  • choosing accessible Canadian music to introduce to the community and promote local composers
  • working to establish and maintain an audience, including providing free concerts in the area, to endeavour to enrich the community and to promote the orchestra
  • ensuring fiscal strength in order to serve musical ideals
  • promoting artistic and cultural pursuits within the area


Orchestra Kingston is a community orchestra whose aim is to play music in a respectful and encouraging atmosphere. The orchestra has been created to give community members the opportunity to play in a non-threatening environment, where all members work in a collaborative manner to enable all to play to the best of their ability. Music is to be taken seriously; at the same time, our practices bring us together and give us a chance to get to know one another and to give mutual support.

The Orchestra’s founders wish to encourage Canadian music: it is intended that a Canadian composition will be included in every performance programme.


Weekly rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 5:30  to 7:30 PM, with the assumption that members will be ready to start playing punctually. There is a break for social interaction and refreshment during each regular rehearsal. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled before performances.

All members are expected to attend all rehearsals: if circumstances dictate that a rehearsal must be missed, the member in question should arrange for a substitute player for that occasion. Each member is assigned a position in the orchestra, and must learn the part given to that position: there will be no arbitrary taking over of another’s part.

New membership

Player membership is by invitation, and involves consultation with the relevant section leader and the conductor.  After a suitable trial period the prospective member and the section leader will discuss the prospective member’s eligibility, taking into account various  factors such as general playing level, past experience, awareness of orchestral etiquette, reliability, and the ability to get along with other members. Following acceptance by the section leader and the conductor a new membership will be formally registered by the Committee.