Extra Performance Opportunities

Would you like to play in the lobby before a performance of Domino Theatre’s An Ideal Husband?

Domino Theatre will be producing the play An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde from April 25-May 11, 2019 (Wed-Sat evenings).

Complete Writings of Oscar Wilde [Vol I]: The Duchess of Padua – The Ideal Husband, The Nottingham Society, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Public Doman via Wikimedia Commons

The Director, Claudia Wade, has asked Orchestra Kingston Board Member Michelle McNichol, as the Sound Designer, to look into the possibility of having live music.

Michelle is looking for 4 trios/quartets, one for each night. i.e., all Wednesdays, all Thursdays etc. (3 performances + a rehearsal or two). Musicians would start playing in the lounge or lobby before the show starts ~30 minutes; move onto the stage to play for about 10 minutes and then be free to leave or stay for a bow at the end. The show starts at 7:30 pm each night. Musicians would be asked to be at the theatre for 6:30 and be ready to play at 7:00.

The compensation will be 2 complimentary tickets, per person, for either the preview show on 24 April or opening night on 25 April, so any interested union musicians would have to volunteer their time. ($40 value)

The script mentions a “music room”. The script also mentions “German music”. Lots of options: Think Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss etc. A group need only play a few pieces and repeat if their repertoire is limited.

A quote from Claudia:

“Right from the start, the audience should feel the effects of a life without cars, buses, iTunes, TVs. radios, cell phones, or any phones including earphones and earbuds. They should experience the Victorian life of the privileged upper classes of London society at the height of “The Season”. So your trios should be wearing fancy dress outfits. Be absolutely stiff and staid and hopefully have a bundle of fun being a musician from 1895.”

All musicians will need to be costumed suitable to the era of upper-class England in 1895.

If you are interested, please contact the OK GM, Julie Sutherland, who will put you in touch with Michelle McNichol. Feel free to pass this information on to anyone else you think might be able to help, either play or provide names of willing musicians.