Orchestra Kingston is a community orchestra dedicated to providing performance and music education opportunities for amateur, aspiring professional and professional musicians.

Our mission is to bring art music to the residents of Kingston through scheduled performances and community outreach designed to enrich the public’s understanding and appreciation for the performing arts, while promoting the development of artists within our community.

Our Origins

In 2005, a small chamber group meeting every two weeks to read through classical works observed that Kingston needed a good community orchestra to open up more playing opportunities. From those humble beginnings, Orchestra Kingston has grown into a 40+ piece orchestra that provides local musicians with the opportunity to play international and Canadian orchestral repertoire.

Our Goals

To provide a comfortable environment in which musicians from Kingston’s community can enjoy the experience of belonging and performing in an orchestra.

The orchestra’s goals include:

  • Preparing four or more concerts per year with a mixture of Classical, Canadian, and shorter repertoire.
  • To  provide opportunities to other community musical groups and soloists to perform with an orchestra.
  • To provide a social component to add to the musical experience.
  • To support one another in our efforts to provide quality music to the community.